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Basic Size(International Size)

When you check sizes of cloths, please refer to the size chart below.
Regarding the "Basic Size" in your profile page, please choose your body size from XS/S/M/L/XL

Outer, Tops Bottoms(Waist Size)
UK/US EU JP Chest(cm) Chest
XS -14 -36 5-7
(XS-S in JP)
-91 -36 -27 -69
S 14-15 36-38 9
(M in JP)
91-96 36-38 27-29 69-74
M 15-16 38-42 11-13
(L in JP)
96-107 38-42 29-31 74-79
L 16-17 42-44 15
(XL in JP)
107-111 42-44 31-34 79-86
XL 17- 44- 17-
(XXL in JP)
111- 44- 34- 86-
Outer, Tops Bottoms(Waist Size)
UK US EU JP Inch cm
XS 4-6 0-2 32-34 5-7
(XS-S in JP)
-24 -60 32-34 0-2 4
S 8 4 36 9
(M in JP)
24-26 60-66 36 4 8
M 10-12 6-8 38-40 11-13
(L in JP)
26-28 66-71 40 8 12
L 14 10 42 15
(XL in JP)
28-30 71-76 42 10 14
XL 16- 12 44 17-
(XXL in JP)
30- 76- 44 12 16
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Personal Style(Gender)
Basic Size?
Locarry Styles
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List of prohibited items

Locarry prohibit listing and renting specific items listed as below.
Prohibited items may be updated at Locarry’s discretion for maintain safe community. Users will agree and always follow the updates rules when use Locarry.

  • Anything illegal in the country
    (e.g. illegal to manufacture/possess/sale/rent, or unauthorised item that needs to be authorised)
    Items that is "legal" in the lender's country but "illegal" in the borrower's country (and vise versa) is prohibited to rent.
  • Stolen goods, or items that promote to engage uses in illigal activity
  • Drugs and tools or related services, or tools/ingredients/services to be used to create drugs
  • Weapons, such as firearms(including illigally remodeled items), knives, explosives, firearm parts, unless determined to be non-lethal and toy/dress up items for play or cosplay.
    Items that has possibility to be used for crimes (uniform of pubic organizations, picking tools)
  • Hazardous items, items that has concern on safety (e.g. Controlled items that are not affixed with product safety mark in the lenders country, opened sanitary items, recalled items)
  • Alcohol
  • Cash, prepaid cards, financial products gift cards, other items which is used equivalent to money
  • Tobacco, E-cigarettes/ e-hookahs/other instruments that contain nicotine
  • Couterfeit items or items in violation of a copyright, including handmade, or other items with copyrighted characters, brand logos, or unfair or predatory transactions
  • Gambling-related items
  • Prescriptions medicines, medical instruments, contact lenses/optometry products and pharmaceuticals and behind the counter drugs
    Items that is legal in the lender's country but illegal in the borrower's country (and vise versa) is prohibited to rent, same as described earlier
  • Offensive materials(Items that promote acts of violence, items that support hatred, seeks to discriminate race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation)
  • Unauthorised cosmetics (handmade shampoo, soap, milky loation)
    Rent cosmetics through subdivide to bottles, or other items that are prohibited in Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law in lenders' and Borrowers' countries
  • Food
  • Animals, insects and items made from animals including endangered species and exotic animals.
  • Humans, human body parts, organs, cells, blood, body fluids, or items that are soiled with human materials, such as previously-worn underwear.
  • Sexually explicit items such as underwear, sex toys and offensive items
    Previously-worned-swimwear, underwear or items which Locarry determines inappropriate
  • Car, motorcycle, and any other vehicle that requires drivers license
  • Smartphones and any other phones with SIM card inside
  • Other:
    ・Items that you currently do not have
    ・Digital data
    ・Digital licenses and product keys (e.g. Microsoft office, Adobe software), Login information
    ・Personal information
    ・Agricultual chemicals
    ・Any other non-item product
    ・Supernatural items or services (e.g. Spells, curses)
    ・Digital subscriptions and accounts for streaming services, including but not limited to cable TV, Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, etc
    ・Items that promote Multi-Level-Marketing programs, Pyramid selling schemes or Get-Rich-Quick schemes
    ・Listing that the items cannot be specified or the content cannot be seen. (e.g. "random set of Japanese traditional wear, $10!!")
    ・Listings that are not related to property sharing such as job listings
  • Items that Locarry determines inappropriate(e.g. Listings that might cause troubles, listings that give somebody an unpleasant feeling, listings that violate terms of use

Last Updated: June 24, 2018