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Basic Size(International Size)

When you check sizes of cloths, please refer to the size chart below.
Regarding the "Basic Size" in your profile page, please choose your body size from XS/S/M/L/XL

Outer, Tops Bottoms(Waist Size)
UK/US EU JP Chest(cm) Chest
XS -14 -36 5-7
(XS-S in JP)
-91 -36 -27 -69
S 14-15 36-38 9
(M in JP)
91-96 36-38 27-29 69-74
M 15-16 38-42 11-13
(L in JP)
96-107 38-42 29-31 74-79
L 16-17 42-44 15
(XL in JP)
107-111 42-44 31-34 79-86
XL 17- 44- 17-
(XXL in JP)
111- 44- 34- 86-
Outer, Tops Bottoms(Waist Size)
UK US EU JP Inch cm
XS 4-6 0-2 32-34 5-7
(XS-S in JP)
-24 -60 32-34 0-2 4
S 8 4 36 9
(M in JP)
24-26 60-66 36 4 8
M 10-12 6-8 38-40 11-13
(L in JP)
26-28 66-71 40 8 12
L 14 10 42 15
(XL in JP)
28-30 71-76 42 10 14
XL 16- 12 44 17-
(XXL in JP)
30- 76- 44 12 16
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Personal Style(Gender)
Basic Size?
Locarry Styles
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Privacy Policy

In Privacy Policy(“this policy”), Locarry Inc., (“we”, “us”, “our”) inform you about our personal information collection and use practices relating to your use of our service.

You understand and use our service in accordance with all policies and terms including this policy.

The definitions in this term such as “listing”, or “lenders’ service” are in accordance with the terms of service.

1. Collection and Use of Personal Data

1.1 Information Provided by User

1.1.1 Information that is necessary for the use of our service

We ask for and collect the following personal information about you when you use our service. This information is necessary for the use of our service. Without it, we may not be able to provide all functions of our service.

[Account & Attribution]

  • Name
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • City, country of regidence
  • Gender(gender recognition)
  • Pictures(e.g. face)
  • Approximate body size, physique(XS-XL)
  • Approximate Height(by 5cm)
  • Obligation and other information


  • Email address
  • Phone number (Not necessary basically. We reserve the right to ask you to provide for verifications and other appropriate reasons)
  • Address (Not necessary basically. We reserve the right to ask you to provide for verifications and other appropriate reasons)
  • ID such as passport (Not necessary basically. We reserve the right to ask you to provide for verifications and other appropriate reasons)

[Payment information]

  • Credit card information (Not necessary basically. We reserve the right to ask you when you use premium services which will be activated in the future)

[Other information]

  • User ID(start from “@”, for example, @id_example)
  • Password
  • All information of message/chat among users and the message/contacts with user and us
  • Other information which is necessary to use our service

1.1.2 Optional Information

You may choose to provide us with additional personal information as below, for reasons such as introducing yourself to other users. This information will be processed based on your consent

[Optional profile information]

  • additional profile information(self-introduction、preferred language)
  • Introduction of Locarry, catchphrase, information about listing, Locarry's theme and meeting place / date and time etc.

[Other information]

  • Answers on questionnaires, search words, and other inputs in our service

1.2 Information Automatically Collected When Using This Service

The following personal information is automatically collected when you use our service in order to improve our service.

[location information]

  • User location information specified by IP address or GPS of the devices (only when access to the information is permitted by user or device)

[Usage information]

  • The URL and contents which user accessed, including the history of usage or date/time or other behaviors.
  • Information user provided in our service, listing information, my catalog information, search information of listings of other users, etc.
  • Lending / borrowing transaction information and review information
  • Login information, payment history, other actions in our service.

[Usage environment]

  • Log / device information (including IP address / browser type / browser language)
  • Click status of link to third parties’ service
  • Access date and time
  • Hardware / software information
  • Identification information regarding used device

[Cookie and similar technologies]

Cookies, and other similar technologies (e.g. web beacons, pixels, mobile identifiers). We automatically receive from the browser the cookie information of the user and information on the usage environment (including viewed advertisement and page) to and process it to improve our service, create new projects, or for security protection (e.g. session maintenance and protection) and advertisement optimization.
You can prohibit the use of cookies by setting your browser.

1.3 Information Collected from Third Parties

[External service]

We may receive the users’ information from third party services (e.g. Facebook). when you link, connect, use personal information registered in external services to log-in to our service. We will acquire the information according to the privacy settings of the user's external service and the agreed contents of the terms or policies.

[Other sources of information]

Within the scope of applicable laws and regulations, we can receive additional information about users from external service providers and aggregate it with the information we have about the user.

2. How and What for We Use User Information

  • To provide this service
  • To investigate and analyze the usage of this service
  • To improve the contents of this service or to develop new services
  • To improve the safety of this service
  • In order to communicate concerning this service and provide information
  • To improve functions in our services such as users' “recommendation” functions
  • For inquiries regarding this service
  • For various contact such as campaigns, mail delivery
  • For improving / optimizing advertisements
  • In order to confirm the status of usage including the payment status of this service
  • For the management of seminars · events etc.
  • For the execution of entrusted work/ consignment business if we have
  • For recruitment
  • In order to statistically process and consolidate acquired information and publish it as survey results
  • To comply with applicable laws and regulations

3. Disclosure and Public Information

3.1 Public Information

The following information is open to the public (browsable by third parties other than users) due to the nature of the service of lending and borrowing items with people in the world.

  • Some of profile information (user's first name, resident country / region, approximate height, approximate physique, gender /gender recognition, photo including profile/ face photo, self-introduction etc.)
  • User's Locarry information / listing information (e.g. details of the listed items, evaluation of past transaction, registration date, number of last-minute cancelation)
  • The URL to the page of the user's social network service and other services in it is connected with Locarry
  • The above contents (especially Locarry / listing information) are generally available for viewing and may be referred / tagged by by third parties, or included in search target of search engines, or it may be posted on an external site managed by us or a company permitted by us.

3.2 Disclosure to Third Parties

In addition to the case prescribed in Article 2, you agree in advance that we will disclose user information to third parties in the case specified below. For other uses, we will not offer to the third party without prior consent.

  • In the case of disclosure on this service which is necessary for providing this service.
    (The user must not disclose other users’ information to a third party without prior consent of each user other than the usage according to the all policies including terms of service.)
  • When we consider it necessary for the management of services
  • When we entrust all or part of the personal information management
  • In the case of business transfer including M&A or reorganization or other ways and personal information is provided
  • In the case that user information is requested from public institutions including courts and government agencies based on laws and regulations.
  • In order to answer for the inquiries from users or for inquiries from us to users.
  • In cases that we have determined that it is necessary to disclose user information to resolve a dispute with a third party, or to protect the rights and interests of users or third parties of this service.
  • When we disclose information to third parties in order to investigate / analyze the usage information regarding this service.
  • For distribution or display of our or third parities’ advertisements
  • When we judge that disclosure of user information is necessary

3.3 Sharing between Users

we may need to share certain information, including personal information, with other users, as it is necessary for the adequate performance of the contract between you and us, and you and other users as borrower/lender as follows:

  • When we think we should tell borrower/lender the phone number or email address when one of the borrower/lender cannot get in touch with the other when they have to handover/return luggage regarding the approved requests. Or when we judge it appropriate

3.4 Data Aggregation and Analysis

We can publish and share analyzed and aggregated, or other anonymous information which users can not be identified.

3.5 Cooperation with Third Party Services

The account of this service can be linked with third parties’ services such as social network services and this has the following influence on user's disclosure of information.

  • The URL to user's account/profile page of social network services and other services may be added to the profile page of our service if you connected our service and third party services
    Your activities in our service may be displayed on our service and third-party site.

Your friends or friends’ friend (or equivalent) , or other network at your social network service would be displayed as recommended user/account in our service. The disclosure and display of the information provided to us from third party services will be made according to the disclosure scope and permission made by the user himself on this service and external site.

4. Personal Information Management

Those who engage in the management of user information at our company will strictly manage and will work on proper management and improvement of operations so that unauthorized access, leakage, alteration, loss etc. will not occur.

5. Correction of User Information, Suspension of Use

we can request disclosure, correction of personal information of users, and determine suspension of use based on the applicable laws including Personal Information Protection Law and regulations. In each case, we conduct necessary investigation and correspondence without delay after confirming the identity of the user.

6. Data Administrator

Regardless of the user's country of residence, the data administrator who manages user information will be our company (Locarry Inc. / 2-11-3 Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan 153-0063). Locarry will manage user information in a lawful and fair manner in accordance with laws and regulations, norms and social rules of Japan and other countries. In order to operate internationally, the user shall give the Locarry the authority to transfer, save and use user information in all countries operating the business, based on laws and regulations.
Please refrain from accessing this service from countries or regions where the use, management and operation of this service are inappropriate or illegal.

7. Disclaimer

  • We do not assume any responsibility with respect to the protection of user information provided/acquired in other web services linked with this service.
  • We will not be responsible for any damage caused by unauthorized acts by hackers etc. to users or third parties.
  • Please be careful not to lose, forget, or be known by third parties regarding your personal information.

8. Contract

For inquiries concerning the privacy policy, please contact us at:

2-11-3 Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan 153-0063

Locarry, Inc.


9. Change of this Policy

We will make efforts to improve this policy time to time.
Users should check the latest privacy policy before using this service or using it. If you use the service to access this service, we assume that you agree to the contents of the latest privacy policy.

Last Updated: June 24, 2018