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Basic Size(International Size)

When you check sizes of cloths, please refer to the size chart below.
Regarding the "Basic Size" in your profile page, please choose your body size from XS/S/M/L/XL

Outer, Tops Bottoms(Waist Size)
UK/US EU JP Chest(cm) Chest
XS -14 -36 5-7
(XS-S in JP)
-91 -36 -27 -69
S 14-15 36-38 9
(M in JP)
91-96 36-38 27-29 69-74
M 15-16 38-42 11-13
(L in JP)
96-107 38-42 29-31 74-79
L 16-17 42-44 15
(XL in JP)
107-111 42-44 31-34 79-86
XL 17- 44- 17-
(XXL in JP)
111- 44- 34- 86-
Outer, Tops Bottoms(Waist Size)
UK US EU JP Inch cm
XS 4-6 0-2 32-34 5-7
(XS-S in JP)
-24 -60 32-34 0-2 4
S 8 4 36 9
(M in JP)
24-26 60-66 36 4 8
M 10-12 6-8 38-40 11-13
(L in JP)
26-28 66-71 40 8 12
L 14 10 42 15
(XL in JP)
28-30 71-76 42 10 14
XL 16- 12 44 17-
(XXL in JP)
30- 76- 44 12 16
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About Us

Company Locarry, Inc.
Representative Shimpei Watanabe
Corporate page
Headquarter Meguro 2-11-3, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Contact Email:office(at)
*Please contact us at the contact form on the footer
Item Prices Prices are set on each item
Delivery dates Items are handovered/delivered at the time agreed by both lender/borrower
Payment method Cash, P2P money transfer service, credit card(credit card is used as a payment method when we charge users the fee for our paid services which will be applied in the future)
Handover/delivery Lender/borrower need to meet up and handover/return luggage and items.
Refund/change items to rent Basically borrower cannot change the items to rent after the request is approved by the lender. Please get in touch with the lender if you need to change, or ask for refund (e.g. when the lender offer you a damaged item). Please check the Terms of Service for more detail.
Cancelation Cancelation policy will be applied for all transactions. Please check the policy on the footer.
Expenses other than products Delivery fee or cleaning fee, only when lender and borrower agreed, or on the situation as stated in the terms of service. Compensation fee from deposit, only when the borrower damaged rented items, or on the situation as stated in the terms of service
Other Please refer to the Terms of Use or other policies for the detail of our service, or our responsibility.