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Basic Size(International Size)

When you check sizes of cloths, please refer to the size chart below.
Regarding the "Basic Size" in your profile page, please choose your body size from XS/S/M/L/XL

Outer, Tops Bottoms(Waist Size)
UK/US EU JP Chest(cm) Chest
XS -14 -36 5-7
(XS-S in JP)
-91 -36 -27 -69
S 14-15 36-38 9
(M in JP)
91-96 36-38 27-29 69-74
M 15-16 38-42 11-13
(L in JP)
96-107 38-42 29-31 74-79
L 16-17 42-44 15
(XL in JP)
107-111 42-44 31-34 79-86
XL 17- 44- 17-
(XXL in JP)
111- 44- 34- 86-
Outer, Tops Bottoms(Waist Size)
UK US EU JP Inch cm
XS 4-6 0-2 32-34 5-7
(XS-S in JP)
-24 -60 32-34 0-2 4
S 8 4 36 9
(M in JP)
24-26 60-66 36 4 8
M 10-12 6-8 38-40 11-13
(L in JP)
26-28 66-71 40 8 12
L 14 10 42 15
(XL in JP)
28-30 71-76 42 10 14
XL 16- 12 44 17-
(XXL in JP)
30- 76- 44 12 16
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Personal Style(Gender)
Basic Size?
Locarry Styles
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How It Works

Basic System

Borrower/Lender meets to receive/handover the luggage
Pay the fee by cash or P2P money transfer service, this should be confirmed among the users.
Chat System
Go on a trip!!
List luggage
Match system
Meet up at the destination, deliver/ return & payment
Search luggage
Basic system

Work-flow of Locarry

Workflow011. List items & Send Request
  • Find good local or your friends, and collect them to “My Catalog”.
  • Choose items, date, and send request if you decide to rent.
  • Take a picture, decide price(or for free), list items.
  • Decide basic rule(e.g. deposit, meeting place/ time, transportation or cleaning fee if needed).
  • If you receive requests, accept it or decline.
Workflow022. Decide Details
  • Chat and check details such as
    1. meeting time & place
    2. deposit and fee
    3. lenders' personality/ trustability (e.g. Check reviews/ past transaction/ SNS)
  • You can check these beforehand
  • Basically same as traveler.
  • Tell traveler how to handover(by suitcase/bag)
Workflow033. Handover
  • Meet the lender and get luggage. And;
    1. Confirm if the luggage you receive is correct
    2. Pay deposit, complete payment
  • Wash/clean ordered items before delivering.
  • Get deposit, Receive payment
Workflow043.5 Return
  • Meet the lender and return luggage. And;
    1. Get deposit back
    2. Confirm with local that you return all items (Don’t have to wash items when return)
  • Meet the lender and receive luggage. And;
    1. Give deposit back
    2. Check if all items are back.
Workflow054. Evaluation
  • Evaluate and add review comment
  • If you like the lender, keep him/her in "my catalog" and use the items again someday.
  • Same as borrower
  • If you like the borrower, add his/her locarry to "my catalog", and use their items someday.
If you want to know details , please refer to FAQ & User guide.


Locarry is for your everyday life and traveling. Rent everything you need at Locarry from the locals. [Less Luggage/Purchase for Travel] - I need sports gears for my trip, but they are too bulky. - Do not want to bring my dresses, since I will be wearing just for one day. - Flying over to a country with a completely different climate as where I live. - I want casual outfits for weekends during my business trip. [New Ways of Traveling] - I want to dress up just like locals do. - No suitcase for my travel. No trouble for check-in. [Share Online with Friends in Real Life] - Use our platform to share items with your friends. Reach out to your friends for discount or free of charge deal.
Yes, Locarry charges nothing. Only users can charge you for each transaction. - Free registeration - Free chat tools - No commission fee - Available to all "Locarry" worldwide (only in the country which Locarry is available) - Make money by lending your "Locarry"
1. Who charges me at Locarry? - The lender is wholly responsible to decide the amount of charge. (Tips! Use our chat tools to negotiate) - The amount of fee is confirmed once lender approves the request from the borrower. 2. What is deposit? - Money that is returned to the borrower, after returning to the lender. - Items should be undamaged to receive the deposit. 3. When do I receive deposit? - Set up meet up details between the borrower and the lender - The deposit should be paid by cash 4. Available in all currency - Payment should be proceeded according to lender's local currency.
No. We are now considering Locarry for corporate use. Please contact us if you have questions, or want to be early birds.
You do not need any additional procedures for this. When you register at Locarry, then you can start listing. All you need is to add a few pictures of items, the outline/condition of the item. The one of the features of Locarry is that you can make original set/collection of items. Make collections such as "Japanese Yukata Set", "cosplay set", "Winter cloths collection" and share with people in the world and friends around you!